Kung Fu: Secret Fighting Workouts of the Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Temple's 72 Secret and Consummate Arts, likewise called 'Kungs' or Fighting Exercises', include severe training but can produce impressive outcomes. Complete details of training intensity and duration follow, plus details of the easy yet most effective trainingaids required to obtain these specific abilities.


There are a lot more than 72 Shaolin Temple Secret Arts. Various authorities have produced various similarly genuine lists, even though these have much in common. Yang/Yin, Gang/Rou also Internal/External are descriptors applied to Classify these Fighting Exercises or 'Kungs' include mainly either Soft 'Yin Rou Energy' Training, (generally Internal) or Hard 'Yang Gang Power' Training (primarily External) although a couple of involving both.

Picking Up Flowers Art

Technical Evaluation

Establishing the strength of the very first 2 fingers and thumb, Picking Up Flowers Art needs perseverance and perseverance if students are to master it and is an external Shaolin exercise of Yin Rou Energy Training.

Fingers and thumbs are not as strong as Palms or even Fists but training them improves lots of other aspects of Kung Fu Performance including the different Shaolin claw hands and open-hand techniques. As the Shaolin maxim makes clear: 'Fists are weak than Palms, Palms are not so intense as Fingers'!


Make a Kung Fu 'Crane's beak' with the first 2 fingers curved and thumb and middle and indexfinger reaching. Rub the thumb from the first finger gradually down to the second and back in a rounded clockwise motion before repeating this in anticlockwise style the exact same variety of times.

Learners' initial tiredness and aches will disappear with ongoing regular practice and after a year their fingers will be hard and strong.

Next, use three around soya beans (it might be a week or more prior you can quickly pick up three concurrently) and attempt to crush these between circling thumb and fingers until you can do so at your very first effort. This phase usually uses up to two years.

2 or 3 small pieces of Sandstone (or comparable friable rock) replace the beans till you can deal with these. Another two years are required for this, making five in all.

Stone Pointing Arts Technical Evaluation

This exercise uses the very first and second fingers (the other 2 being securely folded into the palm) which are then poked consistently at solid items, such as walls, trees, and even metal plates. This is an external Yang Gang 'Hard Power' Exercise. Being the Shaolin maxim conditions: 'Fists strike an area, Fingers kill points'!


Make a square wood frame, fill this having thick mud or clay and leave this to dry up until strong. With pencil or marker trace several little circles on its exposed face. Make use of the fingers to outline one circle consistently until a small anxiety is made (this might take weeks) and after that treat the next similarly (this should be quicker and much easier) and so on till the mold breaks.

A Sandstone pillar embedded in the ground gets the same treatment up until it, as well, collapses. Tremendous finger strength can be established and Shaolin trainees of old were encouraged.
to train their left instead of right-hand men to avoid injuring others unintentionally.

In general

The two complementary strategies improve the Kung Fu of those mastering them in a variety of ways. Others, such as' Guan Yin Palm' additional reinforce these and are much better to practice than unrelated strategies. Kungs, once obtained, after years of practice stay for life.

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